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Frequently Asked Questions
  1.  Who can attend Pierce Extension classes?

  2. Can I get grades or college credit for an Extension class?

  3. How do I register for classes?

  4. Can I register on the first day of class?

  5. What is the refund policy?

  6. How do I receive my enrollment confirmation?

  7. What do I need to bring to class & how do I pay materials fees?

  8. Why do classes get canceled?

  9. How do I get to Pierce College?

  10. Where do classes meet?

  11. What about parking?

  12. Where is the Pierce Extension office?

  13. What are the office hours?

  14. What buses come to campus?

  15. Can my child take an adult class?

  16. Can I purchase a gift certificate for classes?

  17. I am interested in teaching a class.  Where do I start?

  18. Are there any special instructions for AOL users?

  19. What happens to my personal information?

  20. What is the difference between a student profile and a household profile?

  21. I have more questions.  How do I reach the office?

1) Who can attend Pierce Extension classes?

Anyone can attend a Pierce Extension class.  Unless specified in the course description, classes for adults are designed for those age 18 or older.  Kids on Campus classes will specify ages or grade levels.  We do not permit anyone, including spouses, friends or children to audit a class – you must enroll prior to attending.

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2) Can I get grades or college credits for an Extension class?

No, Pierce Extension is the not-for-credit program of Pierce College.  Our program is fee-based, and user-supported and our classes are not requirements or prerequisites of the traditional Pierce College credit program.  There are no grades or transcripts and college credits cannot be granted.

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3)  How do I register for a class?

We accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover, as well as cash and check.  (We do not accept American Express).Please note that payment is required at time of registration – we cannot reserve spaces in a class without payment.

  • There are 5 easy ways to register for a Pierce Extension class:

Complete a user profile, add classes to your cart and pay online with VISA, Mastercard or Discover.


Call us at 818-719-6425.  Be sure to have your credit card ready, along with information on the classes you wish to take.

Send us a completed registration form via fax at 818-610-6517.  Please write clearly and fill out payment information completely.

Drop by our office on the Pierce College Campus during our office hours.  We are located In Village 8200, which is behind the swimming pool.


Send your completed registration form and payment to:

Pierce Extension 
6201 Winnetka Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA  913671

  • Paying by Check:  Payable to LAPC
  • Paying by Credit or Debit: Fill out payment information completely.
Please write clearly and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so we may process your registration faster

4) Can I register on the first day of class?

Yes, as long as space is available.  However, we strongly encourage you to register in advance.  Many of our classes are very popular and fill up quickly, so we suggest you register as early as possible once you know your availability.  Also, if you wait until the day of class you run the risk of finding out that the class you wanted may have been cancelled due to low enrollment.  Registering in advance also saves you time.  Online registration closes three days before a class begins, so you will need to phone, fax or walk in last-minute registrations.  If you are registering the day of class, please allow 30 minutes for walk-in registration.  Please note that our office is not opened on Saturdays or Sundays, so please register for weekend classes by the Friday prior.

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5) What is the refund policy?

  • If a student elects to drop a class or transfer to another class, a request for refund/transfer must be made at least 3 working days prior to the first class unless otherwise specified. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR TRANSFERS AFTER THIS DATE OR AFTER A CLASS HAS BEGUN.

If your class registration fee is:       The Drop fee is:

             $15 - $80                          $ 5 per person per class
             $81 - $149                        $15 per person per class
            $150 and up                      $25 per person per class
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Summer Swimming Lessons        $10 per person per class
Summer Sports Camps                $25 per child per session
Fun Under the Sun Camp            $50 per child per session

  • If class is canceled by LAPC Extension, a full refund of the class registration fee will be processed.
  • Failure to attend class, non-receipt of confirmation or class location, change in instrutor, location or teaching methodology or inability to find a parking space does not warrant a refund. Please be sure to contact the office prior to class date/time if you have not received your confirmation or class location. It is your responsibility to confirm your class location prior to the start date of your class.
  • Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for refunds to be processed.

6) How do I receive my enrollment confirmation?

We will send you electronic receipts and class confirmations by email.  If you do not have an email address, we can send you a class confirmation receipt by mail.  Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Note that you can access your confirmation receipts at any time using our online system.  Sign in and select Current Registrations along the left menu.  Find your class and click on Registration Confirmation to view your receipt.  To see a listing of your payments, select My Transactions.

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7) What do I need to bring to class/how do I pay the materials fee?

Bring the items or materials specified in the class description and on your class confirmation.  Materials fees are will either be included in the material fee, or collected at time of registration.  If there is a material or supply list, you can get that from a link on the class description or, in the materials list section under "BROWSE", or from our office.  Allow enough time to order any required books or pick up required materials before your class.

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8) Why do classes get canceled?

Classes generally get canceled when there are not enough students enrolled.  Decisions to cancel a class are usually made about 2 days prior to the first class, so we advise you to register early and not wait until the last minute. 

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9) How do I get to Pierce College?

Pierce College is located in Woodland Hills, California, at the corner of Winnetka Ave, and Victory Blvd.  The street address is 6201 Winnetka Ave, Woodland Hills, CA  91371. 

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10) Where do classes meet?

Classes meet on campus at Pierce College unless otherwise specified.  For classes meeting off campus, directions are provided on the confirmation receipt and the Off Campus location links above.  Class locations are not disclosed until you are enrolled in class, so if you need to find out if the class is on or off campus, please call the office at (818) 719-6425 prior to registration.

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11) What about parking?

There are student parking lots located throughout the campus.  Parking permits are required to park anywhere on campus. Permits can be purchased in the Extension office with cash, check, Visa, Mastercard or Discover, or by Phone by credit card.
Classes meeting 5 weeks or less: $5
Classes meeting 6 weeks or longer: $10

  • Please allow 10 days for mail delivery of parking permits purchased by phone
Day-Passes available at parking 1,5,6,7&8 at parking kiosk: $3 per day

  • Parking on campus without a valid permit is prohibited and may result in a parking citation.  It is YOUR responsibility to obtain a parking permit.
  • Parking Permits are NOT required on Saturdays and Sundays

12) Where can I find the Pierce Extension office?

  • Enter at the Calvert/Winnetka Ave entrance. Proceed to the stop sign and turn right into Parking lot 1
  • You must purchase a one-day parking permit from the kiosk.
  • The Extension office is located in Village 8200, which is behind the swimming pool and the PE buildings.
  • Pierce College is located in Woodland Hills, just north of the 101 freeway.  Take either the De Soto or Winnetka offramp north to Victory Blvd.  Click on the Map & Directions link above for more details.

13) What are your office hours?

Our regular office hours are Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm and Fridays 9am-1pm.  Our phone hours are Monday - Thursday 9am-6pm and Fridays 9am-3pm.  Please note that our hours do change during holidays and school breaks.  Please call the office at (818) 719-6425 for holiday hours.

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14) What buses come to the campus?

There is a Pierce College Orange line stop on Winnetka Avenue right across the street from the College.  There are also MTA stops near the College at De Soto, Mason, and Winnetka.

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15) Can my child take an adult class?

Our adult classes are designed for those age 18 or older. Children are not permitted in adult programming unless otherwise stated in the course description. 

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16) Can I purchase a gift certificate for classes?

Yes.  Simply click on the Buy eGift Card link on the top of most Course or Class listings pages.

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17) I am interested in teaching a class.  How do I propose a class?

Click on the Teach for Us link along the left menu bar.  Be sure to read the important information before clicking on the document links.

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18) Are there any special instructions for AOL users?

Some AOL users may have trouble receiving our emailed receipts. To avoid being blocked by spam settings, AOL recommends that you add our email address to your personal address book.

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19) What happens to my personal information?

Pierce Extension is committed to protecting your privacy.  We do not store your credit card number on our website.  We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.  We may use the information collected to contact you regarding course information, news, special promotions, class surveys or other matters pertaining to Pierce Extension, Pierce College, or the Los Angeles Community College District.

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Student Profile:
If you are registering as an individual, and won't be registering for anyone else in the future.
Household Profile:
If you are signing your children up for classes, or if you are registering yourself and other family members (adults or children) in classes.  A good rule of thumb is: If you may one day wish to register another family member for classes, create a Household Profile.

Note: When signing your children up for classes, create the Household profile with your name and contact information first, then add your children by clicking "add youth member to household" then entering their information.

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21)  I have more questions.  How do I reach the office?
Call us at 818-719-6425 and we'll be happy to help you!

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